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ISO 45001 is just one of the many world-renowned international standards known to various businesses and companies. If you are here in Torrance, CA, and you’re looking for an IS certification company to trust and bank on, you can do so and count on us here at The ISO Pros!

Before we get into that further, it is imperative to know and further understand what ISO 45001 is!

ISO-45001-certified torrance ca

Understanding What ISO 45001 Is

To be able to understand sincerely and simply, ISO 45001 is the world’s international standard that deals with Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems or OHSMS. From its term alone, OHSMS is a set of requirements, practices, and regulations that pertain to how businesses and organizations should care about their employees and personnel within their establishment.

An OHSMS is designed to be able to approach a problem with an employee and occupational safety in the most structured ways possible.

ISO 45001 Implementation vs. ISO 45001 Certification

A lot of people find it difficult and challenging to differentiate and distinguish what an implementation is from certification. But in the simplest ways possible, you can look at it from each of the perspectives. Implementation is the thing when companies or organizations “apply” or “implement” it to their business or their organization.

You can also consider it to be the process that your organization goes through to be able to create and draft all the rules up. Certification, on the other hand, is something that a company or an organization results to after they’ve been audited by a certification or an auditing body licensed and authorized to provide it.

Getting ISO 45001 Certified in Torrance, CA

Wherever you are in Torrance, California, and if you are trying to work with the best and the most trusted ISO 45001-skilled company, you can bank and count on us at The ISO Pros to help you with it.

For years, we’ve been the best and our crown was never taken from us – we’ve always been the go-to and the primary certifications company banked on and trusted by hundreds of businesses in and around the city.

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We’re not the only licensed ISO certifications company in the city; but, we have proven our skill and our capabilities multiple times in the years of our experience. In fact, many companies choose us for renewal even if they got their certification and their registration from a different company!

Under our employ are the best and the most experienced auditors, certification officers, and experts in the OHSMS industry.

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