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Do you know what the benefits of becoming a CMMI-certified company are? Are you even aware of what the CMMI is all about? For starters, CMMI is short for the Capability Maturity Model Integration, and it’s something that most, if not all businesses and organizations utilize to promote and to develop their business.

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CMMI-Certified-torrance ca

Understanding What the CMMI Is

The CMMI is known to be basically the process improvement and development approach that has provided background and evidence that the basic recipe for business success needs to start fundamentally – within the basic scope.

Akin to the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) CMMC, the CMMI also has five (5) different levels, each containing specific information or requirement to overtake and pass to the next level.

CMMI Levels and Brief Definition

Here are the levels and the steps toward the last level or the 5th level of the CMMI.

The 1st level or the initial level is where organizations would have business processes that are still unpredictable. Moreover, instead of being proactive and being able to know the right thing to do, they’ll still be reactive.

After getting past that, the next level would be managed. It’s the part of the level where everything is planned, documented, and monitored at the project level, particularly, at the project level. Most often, they’ll still be reactive instead of being proactive at this point.

The next would be the 3rd level or the defined level, and it is the level where all procedures and processes are characterized and are fully understood. Therefore, all procedures and standards are defined at the organizational level, not the project level. It’s an improvement from being a managed company. At this level, proactive measures are expected to happen and occur within the department.

Then, after everything has been set in place, all procedures and processes are controlled and finished via quantitative and statistical techniques. Also, everything in this range would be part of the proactive group.

Last but definitely not the least is the optimizing stage or the “chill stage.” Why Chill? – Because this is the stage or the level where the performance is just improved through technological improvements that are incremental and are observed on a regular basis.

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