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CMMC, short for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, is something you would want to learn more about if you are a supplier, a vendor, or a contractor that’s looking to work with the United States Department of Defense (DoD).

In a nutshell, the CMMC will soon be one of the strictest requirements of Defense before you can actually have and land a contract. So, if your business is part of it, and if you’re looking for a company that you can bank on and trust, you can work with us here at The ISO Pros for it.

CMMC-Certified-torrance ca

The CMMC Explained

In probably the simplest and easiest way to explain it, the CMMC is a standard that will be uniform across over 300,000 companies and businesses in the supply chain. It’ll be the implementing standard for cybersecurity in the DIB or the Defense Industrial Base.

Before, contractors and vendors were responsible for monitoring, implementing, and certifying their IT Systems. But with the CMMC, this would require a third-party assessment of the compliance of all businesses and contractors within the supply chain.

The very purpose of the DoD is to be able to have control over the Unclassified Information that’s controlled (CUI) and the ability of contractors and vendors to do their jobs no matter what the case or the situation is.

Framework of CMMC

The CMMC has a total of five (5) different levels, namely:

  • Level 1 or the Basic Cyber Hygiene
  • Level 2 or the Intermediate Cyber Hygiene
  • Level 3 or the Good Cyber Hygiene
  • Level 4 or the Implementation of Processes
  • Level 5 or the Optimizing and Improvement of Processes

These levels have their own weight and effectiveness in the industry. In addition to that, gaining certification would require you to go past the 5th level, meaning, your company should aim to just optimize and develop processes that would contribute to the goals and the ideals of the DoD.

Where You Can Get CMMC Certification

While it’s set to be until the fiscal year of 2026, it is important to already have knowledge of where you should go before time runs out. Here in the city of Torrance, CA, you can bank and count on us here at The ISO Pros for it! We have been deemed to be the city’s most trusted and most sought-after commercial certifying body in this part of the city.

Unlike other auditors and certifying entities, we don’t just leave all our clients out. We give and provide them the help and the assistance they need regardless of their mastery and their expertise.

Should you need help, you can bank and contact us and we will be ready and prepared to help you!

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